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Politicians or Democracy?

I remember hearing many times that it's a free country, well now it might indeed be moving in that direction (at last), despite the efforts of PSNI and their cronies. For many years now we have suffered in the western "democracies" from little choice, bland politically correct policies and politicians who told us what we should want - not what we thought we wanted. But now a ray or two of hope as the old guard are booted out and (at least in the USA) political correctness may be taking a back seat. Of course backsliding is always a concern when dealing with politicians but at least there is hope now! Cameron was shown the door, together with his old-Etonian pals after completely screwing up the EU referendum, and Obama is gone in the USA, giving Trump an opportunity to breathe new life into a stale and moribund country, irrelevant during Obama's presidency across much of the world. Of course old attitudes die hard and currently the establishment in the USA is trying to divert him back onto the old road, where they feel safer. Notably they (and particularly the CIA and other agencies) are doing all they can to ensure their hatred of Russia is not threatened. The USA may have a reputation for democracy but in fact their establishment, many of which have never left their own country, are peculiarly insular. At least Trump knows where Scotland is! The CIA for example has been interfering for decades in the affairs of foreign countries, without having a clue for the most part of how those countries operate. Indeed for decades the CIA has had its fingers in many pies and just loves to support dictatorships in all parts of the world. So why now so much vitriol about the Russian secret services and their activities? Of course Trump is the main reason, he threatens their position by wanting hard evidence, not tittle tattle. And probably also they are embarrassed by the ease with which somebody could just ask the Democrats for their account password via a spoof message and then happily go through Clinton's dodgy e-mails at their leisure. As already stated a teenager could do that, simple! Could have been the FSB, could even have been the CIA, could have been any one of the mass of scammers who operate in Russia. Could in fact have been just about anybody. If there is proof let's see it. But if there is so what. The CIA and the USA are no angels, remember the bugging of Merkel's phone? And she was supposedly an ally! So really it is time for the USA to get real and grow up, hopefully Trump will help it to do that. Biden and others can live on in their vitriolic fairyland.
And here in the UK the May regime still dithers and delays the wishes of the Brexit voters, as the establishment fights back to try and thwart the leavers. They have been kicked in the teeth by the people, who ignored the many scare stories and voted for change, but they refuse to give in and work towards the new opportunities with which we are presented. They will cling on to as much of the EU beauracracy as they can, although voters want a clean break. No backsliding, no half-in half-out, Europe can have the same relationship with us after Brexit as the rest of the world, no more racial discrimination, no more straight bananas, or vacuum cleaners under 1600W. Just equality, visa free travel for all, and the right to live here decided on family links to the UK, points as in a points-based system, good English language skills and work permits for certain listed professions.
On these pages are my own views, often irreverent, frequently politically incorrect, and certainly controversial. But grounded in logic and, I believe, sensible and easily understood. Let's get some really democratic changes going and not be ruled by old-Etonians, career "Sirs" or any of the other establishment figures who are incapable of understanding what the voters really want!

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